Our exclusive themed cupcakes have sought popularity for their personalized designs, flavours and taste. Apart from our personalized approach which makes the cup – cakes as unique as the requirements, the flavours and designs simply don’t cease to compel one and all to savour it.


Customized Cakes

We intricately specialize in transforming your ideas into delicacies which distinguish the occasion into a treasured memory through our Customized Cakes.All of the specified ideas and inputs are bound together in a couple of designs drafted initially. Once the design is finalized only then does the actual cake take form. Flavours are aplenty and so are the alternatives to personalize it.



One doesn’t need a reason or an occasion to relish a chocolate. A chocolate is a celebration in itself. And this we tap and make chocolates which do have the inherent celebration factor in them but also have the key ingredients which make the celebrations more vivid. Right from the way they are packed to the way they melt in the mouth, every single experience is a guaranteed memorable one!