Meet The Founder



Manasi Deshpande is a penchant baker and self-taught cake artist.Designing and baking is what she would do for any number of hours with the same avidity.Her strong inclination and creativity while designing any cake makes it entirely unique and highlight of any occasion.

Her passion for fitness and nutrition has inspired her to design several healthy treats like the popular Casein Mousse for fitness freaks. Her approach towards designing a cake is so intricately detailed and thought out in accordance to the theme and occasion that it is no less than a piece of art with taste! To experiment with ingredients is what she is fond of and has come up with her own unique take of the rather well-known apple-cinnamon cake and the much talked about chocolate-walnut and coffee-almond flavours.

Her artistic mind enables Manasi to design theme-based delicacies with such innovation, perfection and quality that the resulting unique masterpiece is what the customers relish and cherish as their personalized gift and memory.